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    A Guide to Wearing the Right Dress for Each Latin Dance(Post)

    Everyone is aware of how glamorous dance sport can be. The beautiful dresses we get to see in shows and competitions is proof that competitive ballroom dancing is an alluring form of art. There’s a r ...

    The Top 7 Most Popular Latin Dance Styles(Post)

    Latin dances are a vast set of dance genres unified by their roots in Latin America and their typically impassioned rhythms and performances. The ardour, the enthusiasm, the vitality! Latin dances ar ...

    5 Tips Every Newbie Latin Dancer Should Know(Post)

    Latin dance: that sensual passionate dance style that tantalises the soul and is mesmerising to watch. Latin dance styles may have originated in latin america, but they are now being danced all over ...

    The Difference Between Samba and Salsa(Post)

    Dancing has long been a symbol for a culture’s uniqueness and two the most popular traditional dances today are Samba and Salsa. Both originated from a single culture before they became globally ...

    Dance Costume Fabrics Explained(Post)

    When it comes to designing a dance costume, there are plenty of fabrics to choose from. The fabrics you use will have a huge impact on how the costume looks and feels, thus making it important to pic ...