9 Ideas to a Glamorous Cabaret Queen Look

27th Apr 2018

9 Ideas to a Glamorous Cabaret Queen Look

Cabaret performers carry with them an air of sophistication, yet it takes a queen to bear both sophistication and glamour. Many cabaret performers go out of their way to dress in their fabulous outfits. This goes to show that despite their expertise in singing, dancing, and narrating, they still put an effort to their physical appearance or to put it simple, their cabaret costumes.

Here are 9 ideas to Bear the Glamorous Cabaret Queen look:

Up-vamp your Regular Wardrobe

If you are aiming for a more queenly look, then you have to take your wardrobe game a notch higher. Innovate your corsets, jumpsuits, and dresses to stand out among the crowd.

In wearing corsets, you can opt for corsets with steel bone or featherlite bone depending on what you are planning to do for the night. If you want to move around and dance, the featherlite bone corset is the right one for you.

Pair these up with a fitted skirt or even a layered cabaret skirt together with fishnet stockings to achieve a glamorous corseted look.

Jumpsuits and dresses can be up-vamped if they have sequins, fringes, and even laces which can be found in most online stores. They offer customized orders and big discounts. These are just some of the advantages

in buying online.

Wear the Right Tights

Imagine strutting your stuff all in perfect glory, but then somebody comes up to you and looks at your thighs. Yikes. Your fishnet stockings seem to have disfigured your legs.

One very important part of a Cabaret queen’s outfit is her perfectly fitted tights or stockings. It can either make or break your outfit. Make sure that your stockings are labeled PROFESSIONAL for a nicer quality. It should also have at least 20% lycra.

Add Beads and Bangles

Being a Cabaret Queen means standing out. Try adding vintage brooches, or pins on your lapel. You can also pop them on your head for a more creative approach.

Beads and sequins can be added to your clothes and accessories for them to stand out and hog the spotlight.

Mix and Match

Do not be afraid to mix and match patterned clothing. Combine laces with satin or silk. Be creative. You can mix and match props as well. A peacock tail with your leotards and tailcoat can be a very good match.

There are also many variations of the cabaret. You could go for a steampunk look which is more of a combination of red, black, and white palettes. This style is more on leather boots, laces, goggles, and gold plaited clothing.

Own your Shadows and Lips

The fashionable clothes demand a wilder make up, specifically, a darker and smokier eyeshadow. Cabaret makeup usually strives to have the VIXEN look, a rather hotter and sexier approach in makeup.

Eyebrows should be thick and black. Eyes should achieve the “Doe Eye” look to appear bigger and bolder.

You need not follow the protocol on contrast when it comes to lips and shadows. Instead, both your shadows and lips should be of powerful colors.

Match your smoky doe eyes with a rather deep shade of red lipstick.

Grind those Rhinestones

Add rhinestones to your makeup. They make you look classier yet perky at the same time. Usually, you can add your rhinestones near your eyes to frame your face.

Make your Hairstyle Bloom

Flowers can brighten anyone’s day. Make your cabaret outfit shine by adding ornamental flowers to your hair. They should be complement your outfit.

You can also add flowers to your flapper headband. Large ornamental flowers or a bunch of flowerettes can certainly make a rather ordinary outfit less boring.

Top it off with a Hat

Complete your cabaret dance costume with a small hat or a top hat. Mind you, these hats are far from plain. Feathers can be added to the hat for a more flapper look or you could add laces and nets to cover your face for a more mysterious look.

Do not forget, sequins can also do magic.

Innovate your Updo

Do away with the classic bob, there are many hairstyles that can prepare you for your coronation, cabaret queen. You can put your hair up in a braided bun, let your hair loose in loose wavy curls, or puff them up in little bouncy curls.

But if you fear altering your hair too much, you could always use wigs. They are easy to maintain and very usable.

So now that you know what to do, strut your stuff and claim your throne as a cabaret queen.