What You Should Wear To Make Your Performance Memorable

25th Jun 2018

What You Should Wear To Make Your Performance Memorable

strong stage performance that leaves an imprint in the audience’s minds and gives them a good time is what every performer wishes to accomplish. Of all the things on the checklist for this to be done, not the least of those is what to wear and look good? It is a perennial and never-ending question for performers, even for the experienced ones, no less. So what should you wear to make it truly memorable?

Needless to say, as long as you know what you’re going for, it wouldn’t be that difficult or, at least, it will be easier, because you have a direction to go with. What is tricky is when you have no idea where to begin with in the first place.

Here are some general tips on how to make an impact that people will talk about even after the curtains are closed.


Accessories and glitz galore are all called for if you want to mesmerize your audience. Use jewelry and accessories that will fabulously complement your look and enhance the over-all appeal. But there’s a caveat - in fashion as well as in anything involving dressing up and looking good, styling is an essential aspect. Styling for a strong stage performance is of course taking it a level higher than elsewhere which can be very disastrous if not smartly done. The least you would want to happen is be ridiculed for just a piece or two that did not go well with the rest of your outfit. Style and accessorize meticulously.

Necklaces, headdresses, handpiece jewelry like rings and cuffs, as well as belts are common accessories for stage performances.

Sparkle and Shine

To the unfamiliar it may not be something easily recognizable but there’s a very simple reason why shiny and sparkly dance outfits are worn by stage performers and it is because they attract attention really good and because they reflect and catch light. Even the most off and bad stage costumes get attention because they’re so noticeably sparkly and shiny! And really sometimes, all you need is that attention so you can start captivating them with a stunning performance. This may be in the form of sequins, make-up, jewelry, accessory or dress textile.

Use Color

This is very dependent on what you are going for or what type of theme you have but in general the more color, the better especially on stage where everything gets scrutinized (or not because of poor use of color). With color you make things pop and get noticed easily. The irony here is that you also have to be wary of mixing colors that do not look good together. A sound advice in this regard is that you don’t mix bright with bright and dark with dark. Give space for contrast. This is very subjective but you get the point - use color well.

On the other hand, if you feel you can pull it off, no matter how wild the color combo is, then go for it!

On point make-up

It is a no brainer that make-up is a very important aspect of a show. Sometimes, this can even salvage so-so stage dresses and still give that attitude and vibe that is remarkable. Heck, even very simple outfits are transformed into really gutsy looks despite being simple. A spot-on make-up and do combination makes a world of difference that can save or, hopefully not, condemn you to stage perdition.

Hair Flair

Oh the many things you can put on your head (or your hair)! Or the things that you can do to it! Yes, there are lot, right? Aside from styling it right, there are many options to wear on your head. Well, I am talking about headpieces this time. Headdresses or headpieces are a staple to wear on stage. It can be a tiara, headband, crown, or what have you. You can even make your own custom headpiece or simply get them online.

Hair extensions, wigs, caps, hats, tiaras, are some of the most used hair accessories. You can definitely come up with your own custom headdress or head accessory consistent to the look you are going for.

Be Bold

In the spirit of performing for an audience, one of the things to understand is that you don’t hesitate and that goes with your look as well. Bold stage outfits are made for the main purpose of catching the eyes of those watching. Make the first statement be as clear and loud with your eye-catching get-up and set the tone for the rest of the show.

Be vibrant, be big and bold and go all out if you have to! How else could you make them drop their jaws in awe? In other words, go for the kill and don’t hesitate. Give them a helluva show!