Top 8 Qualities of A Good Dancer

17th Apr 2016

Top 8 Qualities of A Good Dancer

Being good at something, or excelling for that matter, does not happen overnight. For instance, being a good dancer doesn’t simply start with rehearsals and ends with applauded performances during the end of each routine alone. Just when the lights have turned off and the crowds have left the venue, dancers do endless rehearsals over and over again.

They train their bodies to be strong and flexible enough if they want to excel with their chosen field. But it doesn’t sums up everything that needs to be done from there. There are still a number of factors to consider if you would wish to become a good dancer.

Physical Strength

Being a dancer requires physical strength and good stamina. With the long hours of rehearsals and performances, their body needs to be able to keep up with the kind of activities that they are doing. Without physical strength, it will be impossible for them to perform and give what is expected of them.

Creativity and Uniqueness

There are almost 8 Billion people in this world and it takes a lot of guts and talent to stand out. In a world where professional and aspiring dancers hopes for the limelight, one should always be creative and unique. A dancer should have his or her own identity because talent can easily get you a slot but your own personality keeps you in the industry.


What is talent without confidence? No matter how good a person at something, it won’t matter if that person does not know how to carry his or herself in front of a crowd. It’s no different when it comes to being a dancer. Confidence is everything because it greatly affects how they stand in front of their audiences or how they move from one routine to the other. It’s always entertaining to watch performers who know how to handle grace and pressure at the same time.


As one cliché goes, “Dancers are made; not born”. It takes a lot of determination to become a good dancer. When some dancers have the means and talent to pursue their careers, persistence helps them to stay on track and in the industry.


Passion is working for something even if it gives you nothing more than fulfilment. A passionate dancer does not attend rehearsals and performances solely because they need to earn for a living, want to impress their audiences, and prove that they are good at something. It has to be more than that; more than the attention and all.

Knowledge seeking

Even the greatest of all the greatest still has something new to learn always. It’s better to have performers who are eager to learn something new than those who claim to know it all and never bothered to progress at all.

Good Work Ethics

One of the vital things that keep anyone stays on ground is a strong work ethic. It is true that ambition and passion is the perfect combination when attaining for success. But say, ambition and passion without good work ethics? It’s never going to work. Sure it’s easy to be a dancer but it takes a good character to remain good and the same time well-respected.


It always depends on how much you want to become good and an efficient dancer. Not only dancers differ from how good and creative their moves are among their circles but also on how much they want this love for the arts. Those who want it badly works and dreams bigger than those who settle for what is just around the corner.

It’s just like how the bow and arrow compliments the existence of the other. The bow can be associated with a dancer’s thirst for new learning and success, the goal, while the arrow is for the dancer himself; on to what extent he is willing to be pulled and trained to reach his goal.

Greatness in one’s profession does not come in handy. It requires a lot of effort, passion and a clear goal. Anyone can be a good dancer for as long as he is willing to go out of his comfort zone and keeps in mind some of these gentle reminders.