Top 6 Benefits of Wearing Fringe Pants For Performances

24th Aug 2016

Top 6 Benefits of Wearing Fringe Pants For Performances

Costumes are pieces of clothing worn by dancers during their performances. It always come after the theme of the routine or the story of the performance that is about to unfold. There are different costumes depending on the genre of dance.

There are costumes that are way too conservative that it almost covers up the body of the performer while some are too giving that it looks as if the dancer is not wearing anything at all. And then there are costumes that sum up the idea of being conservative while remaining to be sexy at the same time.

Designers come up with various ways on how to create such costumes and adding fringe is one of them.

Fringe on costumes are intentionally excess threads or fabrics hanged on costume’s edges or even on the costume itself. It may look a little weird to some but it sure brings something new to the eyes of the crowd. So here are some of the benefits dancers in particular get when wearing fringe pants on their performances.


Ever wonder why dancers look so flexible when it comes to dancing especially when they dance wearing a fringe pants? While it simply looks like an additional accessory to the totality look of costumes, many people do not know that it adds to the over-all movement illusion to the dancer and the dance for that matter. The fringe allows the body movement to look more graceful and energetic when the fringes move in the same direction of the routine. With this principle, dancers wearing fringes look more relaxing and more movements are put even on simple technique.


It is true that fringes on pants add more style than any other accessories - mentioned above that it adds more movement to the wardrobe, making it more appealing to the whole crowd. With fringes, a particular wardrobe can become more stylistic and iconic compared to that which doesn’t involve complexity with its design. Fringes are often put as designs because it is much simpler to look at but contributes a lot to the whole look of the costume.


Aside from the style, Character is very important too when considering the overall look of a certain costume. It can be too stylized but never with a character. It is better if the costume is invested more on the character more than anything because Character never goes out of style. While it gives the dancer an additional eccentric beauty to the performer, it also gives it a bit of fondness and mysteriousness on the part of the audience since they get intrigued on how will the dancers pull off that kind of costume with the performance that they are about to do.


In this world where almost all people know a little bit of everything, it takes some guts and a touch of creativity to stand out from the rest of the crowd. If you want to excel on a craft conquered already by bigger names, you have to have that sense of uniqueness. As for the dancers, it would be possible to take control of the idea if only they would invest more on costumes and on routines alone because costumes are what will introduce them to the criticizing eyes of their audiences. And adding fringes on costume pants are a perfect start up for those who want to be different in a beautiful way.


Fringes are a perfect accessory to costumes most especially if performers would want to incorporate the idea of the feminine side. It seems to look more relaxing when costumes have fringes because it sways and moves the same movement with the performers. Mostly of the dancers who wear fringe pants are women since it is more appropriate if girls have fringed costumes than guys. Try watching a performer with a fringed costume. You definitely will catch yourself paying attention to the details of the fringes as it sways from one side to the other.


Sultry as described by Merriam-Webster is a suggestive attraction that indicates a sexual attraction. With fringes come sexual attraction too since it makes any performer the image of a sexy individual solely because the idea of fringes on costumes is sexiness in all its form. While fringes sways and follows the movement of the body of the performer, it gives the illusion of a more flexible and soft movement. So the next time you would want to embrace those curves and look a little sexy, consider putting fringes on your wardrobe or costume.

Fringes are a great invention when it comes to making costumes more attractive and unique. Not only that it is simple but at the same time adds character to the totality of the look. It may be too stylish for some but for people who can pull it off know that fringes help them more than other accessories on costumes that they have. It can be a really great investment especially on several occasions and performances that require a little touch of uniqueness and character to the performance.

All the aforementioned benefits are just a few of the several best reasons why any performer should be involved in the idea of adding more character or uniqueness to their costumes. No matter how good a dancer may be or how beautiful the totality of the routine is, it is but important to have good looking costumes too because this will leave a first impression, whether good or bad, to the one who is carrying it on stage; so better yet make it gorgeous that criticizing eyes can be introduced to what is trending and not.

It attracts more crowds if you look gorgeous on stage than performers who does not have an identity when performing in a larger crowd. This will make them look after you even before you perform and you can assure yourself that they will be glued to your whole performance; but of course do not forget to make your technique memorable that it would be hard for them to disregard you.