Top 10 Make-Up Tips Only Drag Queen Can Teach You

16th Mar 2016

Top 10 Make-Up Tips Only Drag Queen Can Teach You

Nothing beats drag queens when it comes to power of transformation. They are artists that are beyond dispute, brilliant in conceptualizing ideas and in revolutionizing themselves without the support of magic. Known for their thinking outside the box attitude, being truly dedicated to themselves and delivering fun and happiness to all of us, there’s something more to learn from these queens.

More than the lip-syncing, exaggerated femininity and outstanding stage and film performances for which are generally branded for, they can be considered as one of the best sources when it comes to make-up techniques and tips. They are really known for making ordinary, average make-up be turned into exceptional, brilliant and proud finish.

Being a drag queen is half performance and half make-up and drag costume. Their power of transformation through the use of a variety of make-up techniques is a major contributing factor to the over-all success of being a drag queen.

If it’s the case then, let’s explore the secret chest of the make-up techniques, tips, and strategies, of these undoubtedly, make-up authorities:

1. Keep the canvass even, soft and smooth

Let your thirsty skin drink in moisture. Pick a moisturizer that has a minimum SPF 15 keep your skin from harmful rays and one that lasts for at least eight (8) hours for best possible shield. Be certain also that the one you’re purchasing matches your skin type.

If your skin is “thirsty”, you might need a concentrated hydrating face cream. But for extra oily faces, you need a moisturizer that is oil-free. When skin is properly hydrated, it makes the skin properly prepped for the make-up that will be applied.

It’s been a common mistake for many people to apply make-up without letting the moisturizer dry first in the face. Make sure that the moisturizer has been absorbed already by the skin before starting to apply makeup.

2. Baking Foundation

It’s an emerging trend in the makeup application process nowadays. You have to bake first the foundation so that it will not look washed-up from sweat and oil after long hours of being in your face.

After placing your foundation on the different parts of your face, let it sit in for around ten (10) minutes which is enough for the heat of the body to melt the foundation itself, then spread it evenly in your face providing you with a much better blend with the skin.

3. Foundation on the Lips?

When you put up a foundation in your face, try to cover also your lips with foundation! It a real tip from the drag queens to make the lipstick last longer. Make sure that your lips are also moisturized first before applying foundation to avoid dryness of the lips.

When you put foundation on your lips, it helps to lipstick from being smudged easily as the hours pass by. It will also make the color of the lipstick stay the will ensure the victory of your over-all make-up for the whole duration of the event.

4. Don’t be frightened with lashes!

For drag queens, eye lashes have been the primary tool for adding femininity to their looks. It adds drama to the over-all look of the face.

Just an additional tip: let the glue stand for 15 second before placing it. It would be much better if you will seal it with a liquid liner after being placed.

5. Concealer will perfect it all

We have known concealers as simply producers of flawless and younger looking skin. It’s the colossal provider of perfect looking skin. It hides flaw, brightens tired-looking eyes and evens uneven skin tone, giving a coverage that is complete and natural.

But for what do drag queens use it for?

Placing a lighter shade of concealer on the cheekbones will definitely produce a natural look of your facial bone structure that will surely get the attention of spectators. You will definitely turn into a sparkling deity when your face catches the light.

6. Try Putting a Lip Liner

Your lip liner should not be darker than your lipstick. For best results, liner is advised to be one shade darker than the natural lip color, or one shade darker or lighter than the color of the lipstick that will be applied. The safest of course, is to use a neutral or ordinary liner with smooth consistency.

Make it appoint that lip liner once applied will not look over-drawn. Over-drawn lip liner will make it look cheap and unsympathetic, while fine and delicately drawn liner will make it appear as youthful, packed and more defined.

7. Hairspray will make the make-up last

The use of hairspray to make make-up last longer is commonly practiced when there is a show or performance for drag queens that will take hours and will definitely give them extreme sweat and oiliness. Drag queens spray it on their face for all the facial make-up have a little more of their staying power. Don’t forget to close your eyes and mouth of course!

Hairspray will definitely make the make-up last, no matter what. Just make it appoint that your face is properly moisturized to avoid skin dryness.

8. Go for Glitter

A little sparkle in your face will definitely gain you attraction. Glitters provides added highlight to you face and will make you look more glamorous. Be certain that the glitters you are about to put in your face is not a craft glitter you used to buy in the craft store. Look for glitters that are really made for the face and body to avoid dangerous results to your face such as eye problems and skin irritation and allergies. Most of these are available on beauty stores and online stores.

A good tip coming from drag queens is to use clear lashes glue in sticking glitters in the face for a hold that will last hours compared to other conventional pasting methods.

9. Big is Better

Drag queens have been usually seen in their performances wearing big wigs to add exaggeration to their feminine looks and portrayals and also to add humor in their looks. But there’s other logical reason for wearing big hairs.

Having a big hair makes the other parts of you look smaller. While many are experimenting on different ways how make their faces look smaller or thinner, simply placing a big hair wig or styling your hair to make it look voluminous will give the easy trick.

10.Mattify and Maintain

After finishing your make-up masterpiece, close the ritual with applying translucent powder. This will keep your face flawless, giving your face a matte finish and will keep the oil in check.