The Most Famous Dance Styles in the World

25th Oct 2016

The Most Famous Dance Styles in the World

Dancing is one of those things that brings the world together. No matter where you are from, dance and music is popular in each corner of the world alike. Whether you are a natural born dancer or someone with two left feet, there’s hardly anybody out there who doesn’t want to shake a leg to a good song.

It is a part of every culture and lifestyle and a great means to bond and socialize!

Each country and culture has found a way to express through dance, and that is how several of these dance styles have evolved through the years. And, some of them have been adopted world over as standards and basis of modern popular dancing.

Want some pointers of which dance style to learn next? Or just curious about the most popular dance styles in the world? Here’s a list of some of the dance styles which are enjoyed all over the world!

Tap Dance

A fun dance style, Tapping has been made popular way back in the 1930s. “Tap” gained its name from the tapping sounds, made while dancing in this style with special tap shoes. Today, tap dance is super popular in Broadway and though, pro-level tap dancers have years of practice, it is a fun style that even beginners can try their hand at!

Hip Hop

One of the most popular modern styles of dancing, hip-hop made its breakthrough in the 70s. It took the world by storm and made its way into the world pop culture, and went full blown during the 90s when it was popularised by shows like Soul train and movies like Flashdance. Several techniques like breaking, popping and locking were evolved out of this style and hip hop has also acted as a base for several contemporary styles.


It might have originated in New York with Latin American influences, but Salsa has successfully taken over the world in the past years. Salsa, today, is not just dance but a socializing affair or a lifestyle. The dance form is highly social and focuses on rhythm as well as balance. Not to mention it is extremely fun too! Be it Cali Style or Miami Style, Salsa dancing exudes elegance that allures a lot of dancers. And a flashy salsa costume adds to its overall charm!

Belly Dance

A sensual dance form and a great workout - Belly dancing has been all the rage lately. Whether the credit goes to Shakira or the catchy Arabic beats that are associated with the dance, the world can’t seem to stop shaking their booty to the motions of belly dancing. Throw in a charming belly dancing costume to the deal to accentuate the moves and we just can’t get enough of this Middle Eastern Style of dancing.


Swing jazz sparked the energetic Swing style of dancing in the 20s. Today Lindy hop meets are popular everywhere. though it might be considered vintage or an acquired taste, there is no denying that we are in awe of the extraordinary Lindy Hop swag. It might look tough, but the truth is Swing for newbies isn’t all that hard. Just bring out your best bolero and you are ready to have a good time Lindy Hopping!


Originating from Argentina, Tango is energetic and all about chemistry between partners. The fact that this dance form has been performed in movies countless of times proves it immense popularity around the world. The It’s also one of the most learned dance styles ever. Be it the overflowing sensuality of the dance form or the gorgeous Tango costumes, this dance is made to mesmerize people and grab eyeballs.


Waltz is undeniably one of the most popular ballroom dances. The dance style has made a mark on history and stood the test of time. It is even popular today, amongst the elitist and otherwise. For every formal occasion a good Waltz dance heightens the atmosphere. It’s elegant stance and ballroom outfits, are the highlight of every classy party.


The dance moves that found their place in the grand settings of Bollywood movies in the yesteryears, today has become popular over the world as “Bollywood Dance”. While it mixes Indian folk dance moves with contemporary steps - Bollywood dance is identified over the world by flamboyant costumes, catchy hindi song numbers and easy eye-catching steps. It has found a place in western pop culture and has also been accepted as an interesting wedding theme in recent times.


We can’t take our eyes off Maddie Zeigler dancing to Sia’s songs, and that’s why Contemporary dance is such a rage these days. It’s unique, it’s passionate and it’s full of energy. The best part is - one can rock absolutely anything from Shiny Leather Diva Jacket to Slinky Catsuit in this dance style and get as creative as possible with it!


Whether it was Natalie Portman in Black Swan or the 90s cult favorite movie Center Stage, the Ballet world has always been alluring! The exquisite movements are pure artistry, and Ballet dancers go through rigorous practice to attain that kind of grace. No wonder, it is one of the most practiced dances around the world and most performed on stages.


Whether it was 90s one hit wonder Macarena or Kpop dances as we know them today - they all seem to be influenced by this one dance style! Line dancing is a choreographed form of dancing where dancer follow a set of steps, facing towards the same direction. It is the kind of dance that is perfect for newbies to start out with, but suitable for all stages of dancers.