The Best Gay Pride Costumes to Wear This Summer

Posted by Charismatico on 8th Mar 2021

The Best Gay Pride Costumes to Wear This Summer

What started as a protest for human rights back in 1978 has transformed into an annual queer celebration known as Pride. People love to dress up during Pride as a means of celebrating the LGBTQ community’s well-earned rights to live freely and express who they are as a person. It’s become a fundamental part of this amazing event and while you don’t have to dress up for Pride, it’s really the perfect time to let loose and go crazy with angel wings, boas, and all other types of outfits.

If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration for your dress up, here are the best gay Pride outfits that you should confidently rock this summer.

Sweet angel

You’ve probably seen a bunch of cute topless angels at every Pride event and dare we say it looks stunning. While some think it’s cliché, we find it super sexy and attractive thanks to the full-on paraphernalia and the iconic pair of wings. The cool thing about dressing up as a sweet angel is that it is so bold and eye-catching that the angel wings has become a timeless costume piece to show off Pride.

Just buy a pair of wings, some sexy pants, a halo, and you’re good to go!


Got the face of an angel but the mind of a devil? Then why not go for the latter and go for that not-so-innocent devil look! This one’s perfect for friends and couples who want to mix and match their costume for Pride as the angel and devil theme really create the polar opposites that ultimately attract.

Like the sweet angel outfit, this one doesn’t take much to pull off as you’ll only need a pair of devil horns with the sexiest shorts you can find. Take things a step further by adding a tail and a pitchfork for a truly devilish appeal!


Nothing represents Pride day more than the rainbow flag. Created by the late Gilbert Baker back in the 1967s, the rainbow consists of 6 colours which are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Wearing a rainbow costume is a testament to the long-standing freedom of the LGBTQ community and you can never have enough when wearing multitudes of colours!

You can also accessorize using rainbow accents like sunglasses, bow ties, wrist bands, and more. This is an outfit where you can really go all out and colour yourself as much as you can!

Leather fetish

Leather fetish outfits are a Pride staple and for good reason. With the fetish community having developed their own subculture (think the handkerchief code, BDSM, and leather parties), it’s no surprise that these costumes have a strong presence at Pride events.

A fetish representation at Pride is about expressing aspects of your sexuality with others. For this, you can wear a simple faux leather jacket or a leather harness or go to the utmost extreme and buy an entire leather/rubber outfit complete with neck restraints, chastity belts, lace-up zip hoods, and handcuffs!

Roman and Greek costumes

People love paying homage to the Romans and ancient Greek mythology as sexuality was more fluid back then. During those days, the words homosexuality and heterosexuality didn’t exist, so men were free to enjoy sex with other men without affecting their masculinity or social status. Some of the gods in Greek mythology had homosexual relationships like Poseidon, Hermes, Apollo, and Dionysus.

So why not pay tribute to our ancient homo-loving gods at Pride by wearing a Greek goddess outfit? Or, hit up your friends and dress up as a mix of Roman gladiators for even more fun!


Drag is the lifeblood of Pride. The whole movement itself started thanks to famous drag queen activists like Marsha P. Johnson back in the 1969 Stonewall Riots. Throughout history, drag queens have been one of the strongest advocates for the LGBTQ community and a Pride event would certainly be incomplete without them!

With RuPaul’s drag race catapulting drag to great heights, now is the time more than ever to do drag in public! Keep in mind that this is one day in a year where you can truly express yourself so if you’ve been wanting to do drag for a long time, this is the best opportunity to go for it!

Dramatic gay pride costumes

Pride is where you’ll see the most dramatic gay pride costumes ever and we absolutely love it! Seeing people come together and dramatically express themselves are what makes Pride an iconic event worth celebrating. There’s no such thing as too much when dressing up for Pride. We encourage you to go all out and grab the most outlandish costume you can get your hands on!

Take pride in yourself and sashay down the streets with your brightest and most fabulous number. We live for times like these and to take gay pride costumes to the next level is something we all want to see at Pride.