Rules and Guidelines for Competitive Dance Show Outfits

Posted by Charismatico on 8th Feb 2024

Rules and Guidelines for Competitive Dance Show Outfits

In the highly competitive world of dance competitions, movement is all that matters. Or is it? It is to some extent, and the best dancers can captivate audiences looking graceful and stunning in old potato sacks. But that is neglecting so much of the vibrant spirit of competitive dance. The flair, innovation, and flamboyance of great competition outfits form the lifeblood of many competitions. And there are those among us who focus on and get more enjoyment from those than they do the dancing itself. And therein lies the beauty of the culture.

CHARISMATICO has you covered

Here at CHARISMATICO, we have all the experience and knowledge you could ever need to find the perfect outfit to make the statement you want, and we would like to share some of our tips and tricks.In this article, we will outline some concepts to remember and apply when preparing agorgeous, memorable competitive dance show outfit that will catch all the eyes but keep you within the rules.

Stage Appeal

Whether we like it or not, your choice of dance outfit can make or break your chances of winning a competition. If the judges are torn between two competitors, and one has made all the effort in the world while the other looks like their attire was an afterthought, there’s only one more thing they can use to help them decide. Even if you cannot produce the best outfit in the competition, you must avoid having one that dampens your stage appeal. Try to steal the show if you can, but if that’s not an option, at least leave a lasting impression.

Styles and adornments

You should avoid black entirely unless you have an innovative theme that you are convinced you can pull off. Go for bright, sensational colors that draw the eye, but try to lean away from the gaudy. It can be a fine line sometimes, so use your best judgment and get advice every step of the way.


Carefully chosen accessories can enhance any look, so pick out some stunning options and apply them strategically. Plain fabrics are unfulfilling and cry out to be covered with lots of the following:

  • Rhinestones and costume jewelry
  • Appliqués
  • Embellishments and unique textures
  • Pro tips and tricks

    •Have a backup dress in case of disaster.
    •On costumes with slits, make sure the slit is high enough to allow the full range of leg movement.
    •Extra safety pins, needles, thread, and scissors are non-negotiable items.
    •Always bring a spare pair of shoes.
    •Hair accessories allow easy transitions between outfits. A pocketful of bobby pins can be a lifesaver.
    Final thoughts
    The golden rule of creating a show-stopping competition dance outfit is to represent the perfect balance between style and function.Prioritize your body and dance steps, and do not limit your essential movements. Your costume cannot hinder your performance in any way.
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