Rave costume basics: a Beginners Guide to Dressing for the Party

15th Sep 2023

Rave costume basics: a Beginners Guide to Dressing for the Party

The thrill and energy of a rave will elevate all of your senses as you move to the DJ’s electronic beats while being engulfed in a visual spectacle of light shows and special effects. Typically, it is a large event that keeps you exhilarated and dancing with the crowd for hours on end enjoying the bedrock of modern-day rave culture, being PLUR (peace, love, unity, respect). Dressing to match the spectacle while being able to move comfortably with high energy is a must. This is where it can be tricky for a beginner.  Our range of rave costumes has you covered. Let’s explore the options!

A spectacular spectacle

The venue will be dominated by anything from laser lights to foam machines, smoke machines, and glitter cannons, the list is endless of what you may experience at a rave, and you need to dress to match the scene. There are no hard and fast rules on this, so you can enjoy the license to be completely outrageous and have some fun with your outfit. You may wish to keep it simple but showy by pairing a feather shoulder piece or sequined bolero with a tank and some cute glittery shorts. Or you may want to go all out with something like the futuristic warrior vinyl set. There are no boundaries on just how eye-catching your costume can be. Enjoy the freedom!

All that glitters

Is a rave without glitter even a rave? You will notice many people wearing body glitter, face jewels, and flashy fabrics. This way of accessorizing will make you dazzle under the lights while you dance away to the energy of the music. Feeling like you are part of the show simply adds to the overall experience. Watch the lights bounce off your costume and your skin as you absorb yourself in the moment. It can be as magical as it is mesmerizing for you and your fellow partygoers. This is why glitter, sequins, and neon colors are popular among ravers. The entire experience is enhanced when the audience visually adds to the night.

Dance energy

How you choose to dance at a rave is entirely up to you. However the music makes you feel is how you move. You will see people jumping, spinning, doing the running man or waving their arms in the air. It is a high-energy environment that leaves you with complete freedom to enjoy the music in whatever way you like. You can literally dance like no one is watching because everyone will be engrossed in their own enjoyment of the music. Make sure the costume you choose allows your body full movement so your dance moves are not restricted. This is why many opt for shorts or leotards embellished with a showy shoulder piece or sequined top.

Keeping it cool

Being in the middle of all that energy within a crowd of people will see you feeling the heat. Take this into account when selecting your costume. A dazzling bra and crystal festival belt combo is ideal for both visual effects and allowing your body to breathe, or maybe a fringed dance top and skirt is more your style. Whatever you choose to wear, make sure you are comfortable. It is not only about how you look but also about how your costume allows you to move while keeping you as cool as possible.

Include your hair in your costume

Let's not forget your hair. You could opt for an unusual headpiece, use colored hairspray, or create cute bunches held in place with bejeweled scrunchies. Plaiting glitter string through your hair is also a fun look that can enhance your costume. Remember you will be dancing to your heart's content so a hairdo or headpiece that keeps your hair off your neck or out of your face will not only keep you a lot more comfortable, but it will also keep you looking amazingly stylish for the duration of the rave.

Consider your footwear

A Lot of people opt for sneakers or flats as you will be on your feet for a long time. These can be jazzed up with jewels or bright neon colors. Add some funky laces or fluro light sticks to really complete your look. Another option is to wear basic comfortable shoes and let your costume shine for you. As with all things rave, there are no rules when it comes to how you decide to present yourself. The biggest consideration here is to remember that you will be on your feet for hours. You do not want your evening cut short because of sore feet.


Your costume and hair may be on point, but consider adding accessories like bracelets, body chains, or crystalized earrings. They will enhance whatever you decide to wear. Imagine a black bodysuit encased in a dazzling body chain. This is a simple yet effective way to shine while allowing you total freedom of movement. Accessories are absolutely your friend when dressing for a rave and not something to be overlooked. They can easily elevate a considerably basic outfit or bring a more flamboyant costume to the next level.

Where to find all things rave

Our range of rave costumes is full of options so that you can find the one that is perfect for you. From subtle and comfortable to a flashy, eye-catching costume, everything you need is available in our online store. Try looking in our other categories, such as the accessories section, for ideas on how to complete your look. Charismatico understands what is needed to really pull a costume together. You may decide on one signature piece to be worn with a basic black base, or you may decide to go all out with an elaborate eye-catching costume. The options are plentiful, and you are bound to find the perfect look for your rave here.

By now, you should have a pretty good understanding of how to dress for a rave and the basics of a rave costume. The biggest piece of advice? Have fun. Do not be shy with your outfit, and enjoy every minute of your first rave experience.