How To Choose The Perfect Leotard

20th Feb 2018

How To Choose The Perfect Leotard

What we wear is important. If it makes us feel good, fits to our body shape, is easy and comfortable to wear, and if it makes us feel beautiful and sleek then we are going to enjoy wearing it and want to wear it again. The clothing we wear is a statement of who we are as people, what we like, and how we want others to see us.

As a dancer, a costume is like a second skin. Take for example the common dancer’s leotard. We move around in it, we sweat in it, we create art in it and we take on a role and perform for all the world to see. If the costumes we wear are ill fitting or don’t suit us then we can feel it, and unfortunately it shows in our dancing.

There are a hundred different styles of leotard, and whether you dance for a living or just for enjoyment, buying a leotard is an investment and a piece that will be worn time and again.

How it looks and feels matters to you, and it matters to us, so to guide you in your next dance investment we have created a few easy steps to make sure the next leotard you wear will make you feel like the total star you are.

Pick a Style

Now this should be one of the easier decisions you make on your leotard-buying journey: what style of dance is it? Take for example you’re performing in a Latin Style dance show, and you need something to wow your audience.

Latin dance is sensual, it is all about self-expression and rhythm and with a few exceptions such as Samba or Paso Doble, couples more or less dance in one spot. This white gold sequinned latin leotard (pictured below) is one that will make you dazzle on any dance floor. It’s sexy, and imbues the latin-esque vibe that is so integral to this style of dancing and flows through each and every move. But with the halter neck it adds a touch of class, making you feel sexy and classy in equal measure. All the beads are handcrafted too and the audience from the front to the very back will be able to see the gorgeous quality of this piece. How sexy your outfit is is totally up to you, you can show as much or little as you want and is a way to showcase your unique personality. For mens Latin outfits please see here.


Pick a Colour

Now we have narrowed it down and you know at least what style of dance costume you need to buy. Next is a difficult question: what colour do you go for?

Maybe you are part of a dance group or company and there is a theme, so picking the colour wont be your decision and will be the director or costume designers tough choice. But if you’re going it alone don’t worry. Colours are another beautiful way to express part of your personality. Perhaps today you feel extra beautiful and you want to show off all the hard work you have been doing at your dance school. Pinks and purples such as this elegant sexy cut dance leotard are on the more elegant side of sexy, while still making you showcase the passion of the dance through your movements. 


These leotards are custom made to your measurments so whichever way you twist and turn you can feel confident the leotard will fit perfectly over every curve and movement. The neckline and cut are very unique, and with the added dazzling diamond fringe this is sure to be a showstopper.

This leotard comes in an array of different colours and can suit any colour theme.

If pinks aren’t your colour and you want to feel a big more dangerous, a bit more risqué, then black cannot be matched. Black is an extremely popular colour for dance shows for good reason. If you add silver or gold crystals or fringing it dazzles in the light. If there is any danger or suspense in the dancing then black can portray our dark side and sin, something we can all relate to and understand. Black is daring. It makes a statement and will draw the eye of every audience member. This black halter style sequin burlesque leotard with delicate beaded fringe has all the above and more. 


The beaded fringe makes the back of this leotard look very impressive. The halter neck is adjustable so you can really make this piece work for you from every angle no matter which way you spin or twirl.

Because it is black it will go with anything and can easily be tuned to your dance show's theme with an array of different accessories. Or why not add a headdress to really add that wow factor to a show. 

Sleeves or  No-Sleeves?

Some people find sleeves restricting to their dance but that doesn’t have to be the way. The old saying rings true here in that less is more. With sleeves, it adds a sense of coyness and mystique that can make a leotard really stand out. See this shimmering showgirl leotard with beaded red appliqué accents.


It is clear to see that without the sleeves this piece would not be as impressive. The central V really draws the eye and the contrasting colours make this piece really stand out. But it doesn’t end there as the dazzle goes all the way to the fingers. You will be able to feel this comfortable and sheer fabric all over your body which will make all your body parts want to move together for that extra oomph, maybe even to help you win that coveted dance competition. And plus everyone wants to sparkle all the way to their fingers don't they.  

Hopefully this article has helped somewhat in how to pick your next leotard. Buying a new dance outfit should be fun and exciting and you should be like a child at Christmas ready to rip the outift out of the box when it arrives in the mail. It is true that we are what we wear, and the wonderful thing about dance outfits is that each one can demonstrate a different and interesting part of our personalities. So happy shopping and let your dance really show who you are.