How to Choose a Superb Outfit For an Event

20th Feb 2018

How to Choose a Superb Outfit For an Event


They say appearances can be deceptive. I say it’s only if your outfit is defective.

Ever wondered if it were you or the outfit you wore? Could it be that your outfit dulled you down? Or have you ever been a victim of being overdressed, and at times, even under-dressed? We’ve all been there, feeling a little out of place with the outfit we decided to wear.

So, how do you prevent yourself from future outfit hazards?

Here are some simple tips and tricks to help you pick the perfect outfit for any event:

What’s the Occasion?

Have you just been invited to a friend’s birthday, or is it a ‘mini met gala’ where sequin gowns will totally be a thing? What’s the theme? Is it Latin?

Make sure you’re clear on that. If you’re not, ask the person who invited you.

Once you know the sort of event you’ll be going to, picking the perfect outfit will be a lot easier. Some occasions demand bling, tack and a lot of sass. Some lean more towards the formal side and you have to make sure you dress appropriately so you don’t make a fool out of yourself.

Imagine you’ve been invited to the most awaited party of the year. What do you wear? That’s the moment most of us start to panic. You want to stand out, but you also want to blend in at the same time. You want to make a statement, but not too much of it (if you know what I mean).

Here’s a quick solution: Go with something classy. From a gorgeous black dress to a bling-ish little top, you just have to know how to mix and match. However, if it is a day event, a friend’s engagement or a family dinner, subtle pastel hues would be a much better choice. One can never run out of options!

Know Your Audience


It is very important to know who you’ll be meeting at the party or event you’re going to. Do you know the sort of people who would be there? Will there be dancing?

Going to a party with your best friends is not the same as going to party where your boss would be. Or your professors. That girl you don’t like, maybe she’s there too! And you certainly can’t look anything less than perfect then.

Once you’ve figured out who’s going and who’s not, try to jog your memory and search your mind for the things owned by you in your closet. That’s because the way the mind works is it simply highlights the ones you like to wear more often, and the ones you think make you look pretty.

Mix and Match

A women’s closet can never have enough of anything. We often buy things we don’t even wear, only because they looked so pretty in the store!

How many times has this happened to you? You choose an outfit but you don’t have the perfect pair of shoes to go with it. Or when you want to wear your gorgeous stilettos, but can’t figure out what to pair them up with!

The truth is, deep down, women are actually pros at pairing up. It’s just that we aren’t so confident in our style at times. Trust your fashion sense; you know your style better than anyone.

If you’ve chosen a shimmery black top, don’t overdo it with a shimmery bottom. Don’t go overboard with the shoes you choose, and stop yourself from topping it up with all the tacky jewelry in the world too. Mix and match until you have the perfect combination of bold and subtle, depending on the event you’re headed to, of course.

Remember, you’re madness and you’re magic! You can be any, but whoever you be, make sure to be dressed up for it.

Ensemble Your Outfit

So you’ve now picked out what you want to wear, and you’ve also thought of the shoes to go with it. What’s next? Ensemble!

It’s like fixing an IKEA product and see the final result. Lay down your outfit and see if you’re satisfied. If it seems incomplete, add a belt or a scarf. Go find that bag you don’t like because you think ‘it’s not your color’, because you won’t be looking at yourself as much as the people around you. And if your look is slaying, your bag will be too.



Start with your already assessed outfit. Does it need a little something to make it pop, but not a lot to make it look tacky? Go for a necklace, or a glitzy bracelet! Keep in mind that your makeup and the way you style your hair adds up to 40% of your entire look.

Accessories are the key to finish off any perfect outfit. Add a little, not a lot! If your outfit’s plain, they’ll lift it right up. If its a dance event, throw on a fancy headdress. Just know how and what to pick. (Here is an interesting guide for picking the right headdress for a dance event!)

If you’re going with a sleek ponytail, dangling drop earrings can never go wrong! They look super chic, make a statement and they’re not too much. For a day event, a string of pearls, or a formal hat can bring life to your outfit. Also, minimum makeup with a bright lip looks great at a day event.

Once you’re done, go take a look in the mirror, and you’ll be surprised at the amazing job you’d have done. The best part? It’ll be original. Not copied and entirely your own. Someone with a style of their own is always a trendsetter.

Always Be Confident


Let these simple, yet valuable tips and tricks guide you to choosing a superb outfit every time you leave the house. However, there’s one thing you must always have. And that is confidence! Confidence is key.

No matter what you wear, or how you bring your style, wear it with grace, wear it with confidence, and you’ll dazzle!