Does What You Wear Affect Your Stage Performance?

7th Jan 2019

Does What You Wear Affect Your Stage Performance?

Dancing is very hard. The hours of stumbles and failures add to that  euphoric feeling you get when you finally get that routine down pat. What a great feeling! No matter how well you dance though, wearing the right costumes are just as important as the performance itself.

Stage vs restaurants and parties

When on stage, your audience will be seeing you from a distance of between thirty to one hundred feet away so subtle colour combinations will not stand out very well, and dark hues may hide your movements. In a restaurant or at a party venue, however, the viewers will be close enough to appreciate subtle details and combinations, both light or dark.

Avoid costumes which are primarily black in every venue unless you absolutely have good reason to wear it. If the venue’s stage has a dark background, the dancers will simply disappear. On stage and in venues with dim lighting, the movements of body parts that are uncovered such as face, hands, arms, and torso can be easily seen. Up close, a black costume with minimal decoration may disappoint those watching the dancers.

For stage performances, go bright and bold with your colour options. Your audience will enjoy the vibrancy of the show! Earth-toned costumes featuring sequins and glitter allow costumes to shine brilliantly. Folklore costumes with yards of fabric, wide sleeves and bold jewelry with swinging tassels are great choices as well.

Any pattern, either printed, appliqued or embroidered, needs to be large enough to be seen from a distance. If you hire professionals for your lighting in a theatre, you’ll have more options; such as deep brown with pale pink accents. A costume with generous fringes will highlight your movements if lit correctly. On outdoor stages, deep brown may not show up very well.

For restaurants and parties

At these venues where the audience will be able to see you close up, beautiful details will thrill them. Beaded fringes and detailed embroidery with stones and appliques will add a special touch. Bright and dark colours that help flatter your figure and skin tone, are also appropriate.

Dancewear makes the performance

Whether in rehearsal, at a stage performance, doing an exam, or just for fun, the right costumes are vital to ensure you get the most out of your dancing and will help you to make your production a success.

Here are a few things you should consider when it comes to choosing the right dancewear:


You already know that dance is largely about personality and attitude, making confidence a key factor. When you look good, you will also feel good about yourself and will be able to put on your best performance.

Specific routines

There’s a huge variety of dance apparel, adding variety to any stage performance. It can be chosen for each specific role. For example, you would not perform a tap dance in ballet slippers as obviously that would be very awkward. Choosing the right gear is of utmost importance.


Comfortable gear is very important to facilitate ease of movement. Appropriate gear is crucial for the best agility and flexibility. When you have several costume changes and back-to-back rehearsals, it’s important that you bear this in mind when choosing what to wear.

Theme of the dance

It’s important that costumes should match the dance genre. The wrong costumes for the genre can cause the production to have a totally different outcome. Be sure your clothing reflects the dance style and choreography.

Comfortable, flexible, and visible

Let’s face it, some of the best parts of dancing are the outfits. Being well versed on wardrobes is almost as important as knowing the dances themselves. If you feel attractive and comfy, it will shine through in your performances. Try to keep up with the latest costume trends! This will make for production success.

So, when choosing leotards and footwear, you need to be sure that it fits the role, that it’s comfortable and flexible and that it’s visible to the audience. The right fabric is also a must for dance outfits. Newer fabrics breathe better, allowing your perspiration to magically disappear!

Look and feel good, no matter your ability

Whether you are new to dance, or if you are a pro,  these tips and tricks will help you always look and do your best! Whatever your style of dance, whether it’s jazz or ballet, always put your best foot forward! Remember to also check out the wide variety of costume accessories on the market.