6 Reasons Why Costume Sets Are the Ideal Dance Costumes

30th May 2017

6 Reasons Why Costume Sets Are the Ideal Dance Costumes

Let’s face it, picking costumes for a dance performance is always nerve-racking. A million things run through your mind: Is the dress’s cut right? Do the colors work together, or do they clash? Should you go for those sequins or not?

Throw in the pressures of practice and mental preparation, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for disaster. But don’t let this deter you from going all out on your dance costume. After all, something’s here to save the day: costume sets.

Okay, some people are adverse to the idea of using costume sets for dance affairs. They think it’s tacky. They think it’s a lazy approach. They think it prohibits individuality and personality from shining through.

But do they really?

Nope. On the contrary, dance costume sets make for the ideal dance costume. Here are 6 reasons that will surely send you running to your favorite store and secure a set (or two!) for your merry dance affairs:

1. Costume sets are convenient.

Most dance performances are hinged upon a theme or genre. Therefore, it’s crucial for every element to go together: moves, music, lighting, and, of course, costumes.

Here’s where costume sets make their mark. You see, they offer a kind of convenience unparalleled by individual costume pieces. Manufacturers know all about the theme or genre deal; therefore, when they come up with costume sets from scratch, they’ve created every piece with said theme in mind.

Take a look at this Thai-inspired costume set. This is the perfect ensemble for the dance performance that’s centered on a cultural or worldwide theme. Everything’s laid out for you: headdress, body suit, backpack, and all the feathers and stones.

Therefore, you no longer need to scour every nook and cranny to find a dance piece that you need. In addition, all the pieces in the costume set complement each other, so you’ll get a look that’s well put together.

2. Costume sets are affordable.

Dancing is loads of fun, but when performances are involved, it can put a dent in your wallet. Lessons, practice sessions, recitals, your well-being, costumes—all these require a considerable sum.

This doesn’t mean taking a step back and scrimping on your essentials. It simply means cutting back on certain areas you think you can do so but without compromising quality.

One area where you can modify your spending is that of your costumes. With dance costume sets in the scenario, you can reduce your massive spending on individual pieces that sometimes don’t work that well together, anyway.

For example, you want to channel the 1920s flapper look. This costume set gives you all the materials you need in one go: headdress, dress, sequins, fringe, the works. However, if you purchase the items individually, you end up spending way more than you would had you gone for the costume set instead.

Furthermore, you need to spend extra time and effort to search for every piece. Plus you’ve to make sure each blends together to create a unified whole. While this sounds nice in theory, the same can’t be said in real life.

Save your pockets some trouble, and go for a costume set instead.

3. Costume sets offer endless choices.

It’s easy to buy the notion that costume sets offer limited choices. Nope, that ain’t true at all!

Like any regular dance getups, costume sets come in various styles, designs, cuts, and colors. They’re out there, hanging by their respective racks, waiting for you to pick them and put them on for your dance extravaganza.

Maybe the term set has something to do with the “Sets are limited” idea, but there are several sets you can choose from. It doesn’t even matter what theme or genre you’re going for; you’re sure to find a costume set that suits you best.

Fancy feeling like a Vegas showgirl? Or perhaps you want to unleash your inner drag queen. Maybe you feel like bringing over the Rio carnival through your carnival dance costume. Whatever your mood, whatever your look, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect costume set.

4. Costume sets give you a sleek, put-together look.

Dance costumes have the power to either make or break you. If you’ve nailed the look you intended, you can be the sleekest performer onstage. If you’ve missed a detail and somehow fail to deliver, well, it won’t be a pretty sight.

Because costume sets are created with one thing in mind, you’re likely to be spared from these terrible performance-related scenarios. All you need to focus on are the little details in your performance, because these will determine if you’ve made or broken it.

Once you’ve decided on a costume theme, now you can peruse the many, many dance costume sets on the market. For easier navigation, type the keywords relevant to your dance theme. The narrower and more specific the search, the easier it is for you to choose, and the higher the chances of you picking the right costume set.

5. Costume sets give you less stress.

Performing in front of an audience is a blast, but face it, it too makes for an excellent source of stress and anxiety. This is especially true if said dance is in a competition, or if your entire career hinges on this one “Make it or break it” performance.

The few weeks leading to your performance are often the most stressful. Every day is crunch time. Practice sessions become increasingly brutal. The smallest stressor suddenly seems like an atomic bomb.

To ease some of the stress that comes during this occasion, why not turn to costume sets for your dance getup? All the items you need, you can find in a single package. In your time of dance-preparation crisis, this is truly a welcome gift from the heavens.

This is particularly true if you require a dance outfit that requires a lot of details. For example, maybe you’re going for an Egyptian pharaoh look. To convincingly pull this off, you’ll need a headdress, a dress, and accessories. These pieces also require the addition of materials for a more authentic look and feel, such as beads and appliques.

With all that you have going on before the performance, it’ll be tough to squeeze in the time and effort required in order to come up with the perfect costume. But if you go down the costume-set route, all you need to do is execute a few clicks online, and you’re good to go with your dance getup.

6. Costume sets provide a preview of your look.

“Begin with the end in mind,” they say. How true this is in the realm of dancing, specifically with costume sets.

Before you go onstage and dazzle the audience with your dance number, of course you want to have a clear vision of what you’ll look when you truly go and perform out there. Fancy technology has made this “prediction” possible, but wouldn’t you rather feel and see your actual dance costume instead?

With costume sets, this is very possible. Because everything your getup requires is already available, you no longer have to hunt around for that particular headgear or backpack. No more checking online to see which color combination fits and which doesn’t.

This rings true especially if you purchase your costume set from an online store. Most online shops give a preview of said costumes, and in all possible angles and views too. They give detailed descriptions of each costume as well, like its measurements and the materials used.

Also, if the site doesn’t have the information you’re looking for, you can always e-mail the shop and ask them about it. Most online stores are happy to attend to your queries and concerns, so don’t worry too much about this area.

Costume sets want to make your dance preparation as easy, convenient, and fuss-free as possible. Take them up on their offer, and go get one for your dance extravaganzas today!