7 Samba Dance Costume That Will Awe Your Audience

25th Apr 2018

7 Samba Dance Costume That Will Awe Your Audience

Samba is the dance of expression, of rhythm, of unmatched exuberance. This dance transports the onlooker straight to the carnival-like environment the country of Brazil is famous for, during the festivals. Thus, Samba costume, accordingly, is very pompous and a style statement in itself. The basic part of Samba dress can be a leotard, or a bikini, catsuit pants and others. It is actually the accessories, that is, headdress and backpack that make the overall difference to a typical Samba costume.

Listed here are some of the best samba dance costumes that are sure to make spectators take notice of it.

Samba bikini pack with white ostrich feather headdress:

Samba requires women to come forcefully out. They do so by expressions, and by using a costume that spells enigma and style. Bikini pack complemented with the ostrich feather headdress is one such costume that defines the spirit of this energetic dance rather clearly.

Fringe catsuit pants:

The dancer might love to look sexy as well as authoritative in style. Fringe Catsuit Pants make interesting costume to consider especially when the idea is to keep the temperature at stage soaring high. This costume definitely is an eye-catcher and supplements the attractiveness quotient of a typical Samba routine quite beautifully.

Three-piece leotard, collar and headdress –

Leotard brings out the sexier yet feminine side of the female dancer quite convincingly. The three-piece Samba costume comprising of collar and headdress makes the perfect head-turner. In any competition, it is sure to fetch extra marks to the performer. Costumes do play an important role in establishing the mood in a dance routine, and leotard is one such option that fits the bill perfectly.

Crystal studded red and gold Samba headdress and collar:

Carnival setting is the perfect and the most common avenue to find top class Samba happening. To give a close glimpse of the original setting, the Samba dresses are designed on quite imperious lines. There can be extensive sequin work , or use of crystals etc to make the dress represent happiness as well as something sensational. One such dress is leotard with very funky headdress and collar. The intelligent use of gold and red color makes this dress a coveted keepsake.

Rainbow color feather dress for Samba:

Feather dress is easy to carry, uber stylish and above all, brimming with oomph quotient. This dress can be found in monotone colors, but the one that arouses substantial interest is rainbow color feather dress. The overall look of this dress oozes festivity and complements the salsa steps effortlessly .

Yellow and gold corset dress in colorful trim:

Corset dress and colorful trim at the end of the ruffles is a marvel to look at. It looks exceptionally beautiful when designed in yellow and gold combination.

Pink Samba Bra and Thong accentuated with embellishments:

This dress is a complete killer. It looks marvelous on voluptuous women and helps make dance quite captivating. The ease of carrying out steps of any Samba routine is exceptional.

So, pick the one when you need to dress up to kill the competition. These dresses are liked a lot in dancing competitions and carnivals and make an indispensable part of Samba.