6 Beginner Tips to Becoming a Great Dancer

25th Jun 2018

6 Beginner Tips to Becoming a Great Dancer

Dancing dates as far back as the Stone Age, and is one of the most natural forms of human expression. People dance for many reasons; to celebrate, to connect with fellow human beings, or simply just because they can. Whatever your reason for dancing, it's important to have fun and enjoy yourself whether you're alone (nope, that's not weird at all) or with a partner.

When you first learn to dance, remember that nobody expects you to be great at it. Dancing is an integral part of what it means to be a human being, so to begin, just move your body to the music in any way that feels natural to you.

If you are dancing with a partner, of whatever level, pay attention to the way they move and show them that you are enjoying the experience. There's no doubt that with time and effort, you can learn to become a great dancer . But it will take hard work. The good news is that by following these six easy tips , you'll have a cracking head start!

1. Listen to the Music

Music is an essential part of dancing. So, always pay attention to the music you're moving to. You don't necessarily have to memorize the lyrics, (if there are any,) though sometimes that will also help. you need to be in sync with the beat and the general sound. Stick with the tempo and concentrate on your steps and moves. You may need to do some solo dancing to get the hang of coordinating your body with the music.

2. Watch to Learn

Observing other people dance is a great way to learn. Whether you are taking dance classes or merely checking out a dancing video, watching the routine is just as important as doing the steps. Closely watching other dancers allows your brain to mimic moving your body a certain way so that it can transmit those same movements to your own limbs.

3. Try Before You Ask

If you're taking dancing classes your goal is to learn. Of course, you are allowed to ask questions, but sometimes it can be better to put in some effort on your own before approaching your teacher or a fellow dancer. This allows you to internalize and personalize the dance. Much like you can learn a song off by heart and then sing it, that is what needs to happen when you dance. If you find you're still having trouble, go ahead and ask for assistance.

4. It's Not a Competition (Yet)

When you're taking a class, it's not about being better than the other students. Instead, you should focus on gaining as much as you can from the lesson to improve your own dancing skills, and not worry about what anyone else is doing.

5. Do the Dance

When you're starting out, you're bound to find some moves more difficult than others. It's a good idea to work harder on those dance moves and focus on improving, as opposed to deciding that you can't do them. Putting in the effort to master a particularly fiendish show step, for example, can fill you with pride and pleasure when you finally get it right.

6. Practice Makes Perfect

Muscle memory is a wonderful thing. What it means is that the more you try a move, the easier it becomes. Plus, you'll recall the move a lot quicker in the years to come. Practice your choreographies as often as you can to build up the memory and you'll not only become better at it, but you will also be able to perform them with minimal effort. And at that point, you'll have unlocked the door to complete dancing freedom.

Muscle memory is why your trainer tells you to repeat a move several times over, even when you think you've perfected it. Trust your trainer and the learning process, and you'll be well on your way to becoming the best dancer you can possibly be, whichever style or type of dance you want to learn.