5 Essential Dancing Tips For Newbies

24th Aug 2016

5 Essential Dancing Tips For Newbies

Dancing is one of the most enjoyable things in life for many people. It allows us to express our inner feelings. Dancing is more than body movements under the guidance of a rhythm or of a melody, it is an activity of the soul, because you need to focus your whole humanity in order to be truly reflective of what you want to project. If you are new to this fulfilling activity or career, allow us to help you get a good start as you enter the wonderful world of dancing and acquire the quality of a good dancer in the future.

Here are the 5 essential dancing tips for newbies that will make your introduction to the dancing career very much rewarding:

1. Look Up Always

The number one rule for those who are just starting their way in dancing is to avoid looking at your own feet when learning the steps. Though it might seem to be just natural for anyone to keep looking at their feet to check if they are doing it right, it will only make you startle while dancing.

Dancing is all about feeling the music go smoothly with your body movements. It is not something about seeing. So instead of gawking at your feet while dancing, you may start practicing how to feel each steps while coordinating your body weight, movement directions and others.

2. Pick the Right Costume

A properly chosen dance costume that will help the dancers give more life to their dancing will definitely reap the fruits of a successful dancing presentation. As you are starting to be well acquainted with the world of dancing, try exploring the selection of good dance costumes that will fit your dancing presentations. Learn the technique on picking the perfect costume to wear that will make you stand out among the others and will make you own the whole dance floor. Also, start to be oriented and be cautious with costumes that are too plain in the eyes of the spectators and will only make the whole presentation boring and lifeless. Be aware also of the costumes that are too attention seeking because these kind of costumes will just snatch the attention of the audience from the dancers themselves and from the dance movements being showcased.

3. Learn A Good Variety of Dances

To be a good dancer, you have to be very flexible in dancing. Since there are so many kinds of dances that you will definitely encounter all throughout your dancing journey, you have to learn how to simply fit into all of those. A very good etiquette of a dancer is that he or she should not be selective in the type of dance that he or she is willing to perform.

Since there are many different types of dances, it is expected already that you will pick your dance forte (style or type) which will always be your best piece. Though realistically speaking, it might take you quite a lot of time mastering your chosen type of dance as your forte, but it’s good to see that you have one type of dance in which you can easily bring out the best in you in terms of dancing.

But aside from picking a dance forte for yourself, and if time and energy still permits you, it would be very beneficial for you as a dancer to master and excel to more than style of dancing. It’s also important to own the dancefloor in order to show the audience that you are a total dancer and you can really own the stage.

4. Experiment is Good

Just like any other things to learn in life, you start by knowing the basics or its fundamentals, committing some mistakes on the way or in the process of excelling to it and practicing a lot until you’ve mastered it. Once you’ve mastered a thing already, either by intent or not, you are starting to add up some personal touches to it which you think may add up to the its overall beauty or uniqueness. The same is true for dancing. When you have become used to the basics and other common strategies and techniques, you can add up your own additional movements, techniques and others which you think will add more gracefulness, impact and awe to its totality. So don’t hesitate to add some additional steps or think of unique movements or style which might be a good contributing factor in coming up with an excellent dance performance. If it’s not or it didn’t work, don’t be discouraged and continue experimenting until you have discovered a new and better one.

5. Building Confidence by Practicing

It is all about confidence. A dancing newbie must show that he is eager to learn this art. Learn how to build up self-confidence even if you are just new to dancing and is unsure of yourself and with what you are doing on the dancefloor.

When you already have that level of confidence, everything will follow naturally. Make some efforts to overcome shyness, for it will only make you a flower on the wall. Real dancers are always “game” to whatever dancing piece is at hand.

Practice how to be relaxed and be smooth while dancing. By doing this, you are avoiding the possibility that you become a dancer who is very squeaky like a robot. These are brought by muscle tensions that occurs in your body because it is not used to regular dancing environment.

Always keep in mind that more than producing excellent body movements that are perfectly fitting to the music, the expression and emotional factors coming from the dancers themselves counts the most in a presentation because those are the things that leaves a mark in the minds of the audience. And these can only be realized if you have confidence while dancing.

Dancing is about experiencing fun. Aside from the fact that you will surely enjoy it, for many they consider it as a form of art that is why getting serious with every step is no surprise . Art must bring relaxation to people and not nervousness, fright and lack of confidence. Dancing is not like a house chore that you are forced to work on. Always make sure that you are showing to yourself and the people around you that you are enjoying it. Do not consider yourself as a competitor while dancing or else you are missing the whole point of this thing. Enjoy dancing, find relaxation in it, and find your heart and soul in doing it.