11 Stylish Ideas for Women’s Halloween Costumes

7th Jan 2019

11 Stylish Ideas for Women’s Halloween Costumes

Halloween is that once-in-a-year chance to dress up and look a little more wicked than you really are. But it can be complicated enough to find a work outfit for each day of the week, and choosing something to wear to a Halloween party can be even harder. So, we’ve put together eleven devilishly delightful Halloween costume ideas that will have you wishing the 'spooky' holiday happened more than just once a year.

1. Batgirl

What about dressing up in a sexy batgirl outfit? Pick out a simple leotard-style top with long sleeves and pair it with some slinky black pants. Your main item will be a pair of enormous black bat wings, with a touch of silver glitter on the tips if you fancy a little sparkle. A slick of black lipstick and you’re good to go.

2. Devilish Diva

All that's required to pull this one off is a simple black dress or pants to provide the foundation. A pair of black heels goes perfectly with the scary but stunning black horned headdress, the centerpiece that sets the theme for you. We think pairing this with bright red lips and long crimson nails will make you the most frightful guest there. See here

3. Fire Maiden

Want to be the hottest person in the room? Wear any fitted red dress you have in your wardrobe and team it with a gorgeous red and gold sequined headdress. Add some luscious red lips and tips to finish the outfit off.

4. Raven

If you want to be all in black turning up as a raven might just be your thing. A black gown covered in raven feathers with a bold matching headdress will set you apart from the other birds. Glittery eyeshadow teamed with black lips will do the trick for the makeup. Try some long “talons” on your nails, too.

5. Evil Queen

If you don’t want to go as a raven, but still fancy the feathers, you could dress up as an evil queen with a slick and shimmering feather headdress. For best results, pick out a long black evening dress and keep the makeup dark and bold.

6. Flame Dancer

What about dressing like a lick of hellfire in an attention-grabbing orange outfit? Wear a sequined, corset-style dress with a ruffled organza skirt. Flowing orange sleeves will complete the effect and will dance every time you move. Glittery gold eyes and red lips will match perfectly.

7. Darkly Mysterious

Be a darkly mysterious queen from another realm or an evil sorceress wielding potent secret spells. Pick out a tall black headdress shimmering with beads and you can be whatever you want. Complete the look with a black catsuit or a pageant-style long gown, depending on your chosen theme.

8. Cat Woman

Cat woman is always a popular Halloween theme because it plays on the blackness and mystery while still being feminine. You’ll need a black jumpsuit to begin. Wrap your waist with a wide black belt and put on thigh high black boots. Straight black hair is called for here, so get a wig if you must. Long black gloves look amazing with this outfit. Pull it all together via a cat’s eye shaped mask with ears. Silver or black would work best here.

9. Unicorn Diva

If you’d rather not pose as a creature from the dark side, why not pick out something completely different? Wear a light-colored dress or pants suit- we suggest silver- and top it off with a unicorn headdress. One with a silver skullcap and horn finished with pink, plus lavender and blue feathers go stunningly with pearly makeup.

10. Bloody Goth

Red and black always make a statement. Try out a wide-skirted black and red layered organza dress or ruffle organza coat. Team it with exotic butterfly-style wings, and you can take your fantasy to the next level. Perhaps an exotic dancer from a faraway galaxy or a strange creature from another dimension? Red lips and silvery eye shadow are perfect for completing this deliberately dramatic look.

11. Spider Princess

Nothing screams “Halloween” more than spiders. Black spiders. Our last idea needs very few items to bring it together. Start off with a foundation of black such as a catsuit or long-sleeved fitted top with leggings. Wear black sneakers or flats. Then add the final and most dramatic touch- a spiderweb- shaped necklace. And perhaps a plastic spider brooch, if you have one, would look great pinned to the necklace.

If you haven’t picked your next Halloween costume yet, we hope these ideas have been helpful. After all, what better way to enjoy the holiday than by standing out from the rest without parting with buckets of hard-earned cash, or spending hours on face paint. Have fun!