10 Spooky Halloween-Themed Entertainment Ideas

Posted by Charismatico on 2nd Oct 2020

10 Spooky Halloween-Themed Entertainment Ideas

Halloween is coming up and what better way to send chills down your guests’ spines than setting up some spooky Halloween entertainment! Whether you’re looking to frighten or amaze your audience, we’ve compiled a list of freaky Halloween-themed options that are perfect for festivals, haunted houses, corporate events, and more. Prepare to wow and terrify your guests at the same time with these spooktacular ideas.

1. Aerial Spider

Guests with arachnophobia may find themselves screaming all night with an eerie spider aerialist. With a choreographed extravaganza packed full of body contortions and freaky flexibility, a spider aerialist is sure to give your visitors a good scare. Make sure to pair your spider aerialist with the right costume to ramp up the scare factor for your guests.

2. Walkabout Harlequins

Harlequin performers bring that nightmarish feel to your event with their nerve-wracking acts. By combining crazy contortions and silent acting, they will mingle with guests and test their bravery along the way. Your guests are bound to be screaming (and laughing) with such a unique walkabout Halloween performance.

Harlequin performers also make for a great photo opportunity with their printed catsuits. If you want an additional wow factor, the Harlequin characters can perform alongside huge stilt-walking quadrupedal aliens for a chilling experience at your dark-themed event.

3. Thriller Flash Mob

Want to spice things up with a unique performance? Then you may want to incorporate a Thriller flash mob at your next event. As you may have guessed, this choreographed show is about Michael Jackson’s hit single “Thriller” where the dancers wear spooky costumes while dancing to the beat.

The show’s fast-paced dance moves are perfect for capturing the attention of your guests! As the graveyard characters bust out their dance moves, your visitors will start dancing with the groove and get a bit involved with the dancers as well! This kind of flash mob is great for promotional events which helps keep everyone entertained.

4. Monster Rock Show

Time to get your rock on with one of the most spectacular performances of Halloween! Packed full of high-energy dance routines performed alongside smash hits from Guns N’ Roses and Nirvana, this Monster Rock show will get everyone pumped up! Special requests are more than welcome of course.

Performed by a group of dancers, singers, and actors with years worth of stage experience, the Monster Rock show features a rockstar brood of cold-blooded vampires who are ready to take their audience to the underworld. This fang-tastic Halloween extravaganza is guaranteed to have your guests screaming for more.

5. Pumpkin Sculpting

Spice things up with a pumpkin sculpting event that will mesmerise guests and keep them engaged! Create intricate carvings out of pumpkins sculptures and use them as a spooky event décor. A live sculpting performance is sure to intrigue your guests as they watch how a pumpkin is carved in close detail. They can even participate and try out pumpkin carving themselves!

This fabulous entertainment option is ideal for Halloween parties where guests can mingle with one another. The carvings can be anything from themed characters, personal messages to guests, or even a new product that your company is launching.

6. Walkabout Demon Characters

Bring a taste of the underworld to your guests with walkabout demon characters. Clad in red-devil costumes, they offer a versatile interactive performance that brings a hellish experience to your next Halloween event.

Despite the fierce appearance, professional artists know exactly how to tailor their performance to each guest, ensuring an engaging live performance that is both fun and frightening at the same time.

7. Gothic Circus Show

Throw in a grand performance at your Halloween event with a gothic-themed circus show. Blending the circus madness with the spooky theme makes it a unique Halloween experience to guests of all ages. This engaging show is daring, fun and entertaining as it combines circus skills with impressive backdrops and costumes to create an all-out visual spectacle. Perfect for public events, gala parties, and private parties in general. This exciting gothic circus show is hair-raising and mesmerising, your visitors are bound to have a great time watching it.

8. Clown Characters

Clowns aren’t just for children’s and birthday parties as not everyone is fond of the colourful comic entertainer thanks to Pennywise. Such a character deserves a spot in your next Halloween party to strike fear in the hearts of many! Detailed costumes along with graphic makeup will surely captivate your audience whilst conjuring images of an eerie clown. Those who are brave enough to appear in photos with these clown characters can take pictures up-close and personal.

Despite their scary facades, clown characters are a great addition to your Halloween event and make for an interactive entertainment option for all of your guests.

9. Mummified Street Dance Crew

Wrapped in white cloth and armed with serious pop-and-lock moves, these mummified street dancers will bring any Halloween party to life with their electrifying performance! Gather a large crowd and watch them be enthralled by the spins and bobs of these mummified characters. Perfect for family gatherings and parties, all ages will be inspired by the insane moves from such high-octane dancers.

10. Carnival Freak Show

A carnival style freak show will entertain your guests with daring burlesque, sword swallowing and jaw-dropping body contortion. Whether you want fire eaters, exotic dancers, contortionists, aerialists, dark magicians, or any other performer you can think of – a Carnival Freak Show is perhaps the grandest Halloween spook anyone can throw at their next Halloween event.