10 Pride Outfits to Wear This Coming Pride Month

Posted by Charismatico on 14th Apr 2021

10 Pride Outfits to Wear This Coming Pride Month

The month of June is a vibrant time for the LGBT community where love, solidarity, and unity take place. There’s more to pride month than celebrating one’s sexual orientation as it’s also about expressing yourself in the wildest ideas possible.

Whether you’re looking to dress up for the ‘gram or celebrating with your close group of friends, one thing’s for certain; you have to do it with style. But since the world is dealing with the pandemic and most Pride events are going virtual, things will feel quite different. Nevertheless, that won’t stop us from putting on the most colorful outfits and celebrating what truly is a special time for the whole Pride community.

1. Fly high with rainbow wings

Want to take your Pride outfit to new heights? Then grab a pair of rainbow wings and accessorize with flying colors! You’ll most likely see angel outfits at every Pride event and what way to stay true and unique by adorning a set of colorful wings! Complement that with a plain t-shirt and some rainbow wristbands and you’re set to soar!

2. Wear a Pride t-shirt

All it takes is a basic Pride t-shirt for you to make a bold statement. We love t-shirts that are printed with clever quips like “let’s get one thing straight!” or “let’s come out and party” as these outfits are beaming with Pride. Pairing a rainbow hat and sparkling necklace is a quick and easy way to add pop to your outfit so put on your favorite pride t-shirt and let the whole world discover your Pride!

3. Sport a feather mohawk headdress

Dressing up for Pride is a chance to go all-out with your outfit ideas. If you want to ruffle some feathers, there’s no better way to do that than by sporting a rainbow feather mohawk headdress! This is a perfect accent piece to any rebellious outfit, giving it an edgy finish that people will love. Since the mohawk is a headband, you can recreate the look anytime, anywhere!

4. Be fashion-forward with a rainbow romper

Rainbow rompers take Pride outfits to a whole new level. It’s a fashion-forward outfit that can look astounding during summertime. Wear matching sunglasses along with it and you’re looking at a fire outfit to celebrate Pride month! You can also throw in a rainbow bandana or headband to complete your trendy outfit.

5. Show off your pride with a rainbow banner

If embracing every color falls under your banner, then show off that Pride with a rainbow banner! The very symbol of the Pride community lets other people know that true love comes in many different colors! Whether you’re using a cape or a cover for two, you can’t go wrong with bearing a rainbow flag that makes your outfit look fly.

6. Bust out the bustle

Fleek, fabulous and fierce. These three descriptions make for a perfect Pride ensemble that draws attention no matter where you go. Fashioning a bustle out of a rainbow flag is one of the sleekest ways to show off your colors during Pride month. Throw in a couple of sequin armbands and a rainbow mohawk, your outfits will beam with Pride and everyone’s jaws will drop in appreciation.

7. Take center stage as a couple

There are endless possibilities when it comes to mixing and matching outfits, especially when you add your partner into the equation. Let the rainbows take the reins on couple fashion by wearing rainbow suspenders, colorful sequin dresses, and even matching rainbow pants! For even more appeal, you can wear contrasting outfits with your partner, one being all sweet and innocent while the other being daring and fetish-y.

8. Walk with pride

Footwear is often an afterthought when dressing up for Pride Month. But if you want to show off your colors, then you should wear flamboyant shoes! From simple rainbow sneakers to edgy Pride boots embellished with colorful accessories, you want to make sure that your footwear completes the entire look of your outfit. Walk with pride and make a splash by wearing outlandish footwear!

9. Accessories, accessories, accessories

You can never wear enough accessories to any Pride event. The more colors you wear, the better you’ll look! There are hundreds of different accessories to choose from like rainbow ties, bracelets, bags, hats, phone cases, you name it! By accessorizing, you can transform a relatively plain outfit into an eye-catching ensemble.

10. Tie-dye bonanza

Tie-dye tops and bottoms are a Pride staple because of their unique prints. Halter crop tops, overalls, hoodies, and even plaids look amazing when tie-dyed. Show off not only your colors but your creativity as well by wearing tie-dye clothing at Pride events!