About Us



What inspired the creation of CHARISMATICO?

CHARISMATICO was founded in 2007 out of the passion of the owners to create customized dance costumes and show wear that fit the performers just right. Their love for performing arts is the key inspiration for creating CHARISMATICO to serve all types of performers including drag queens, showgirls, samba dancers, Latin dancers, cabaret, burlesque, stage wear, and parade outfits. As professional Latin Dancers themselves, the owners understand the dynamics of how outfits moved and performed during a dance or show routine. They know what a performer needs to stand out on stage and how to capture audience’s attention with costumes. As a result, the brand was born to meet the needs of dancers and performers all over the world that needed a custom hand-made outfit that would fit the them just right while drawing attention through beautiful and larger-than-life designs. The owners know that having a costume made just for you allows you to trust that your costume works right will create a confidence in your performance or show.


How was the brand name created?

The brand name “CHARISMATICO” is derived from the word “charisma” which is defined as “the charm of an individual to naturally attract, influence, and inspire people by their personal qualities.” We believe that in performances the outfit and the artist become one and inseparable in drawing the crowds and creating a memorable impression. That is why customers will never get plain dull clothing from CHARISMATICO. All of our designs are larger than life, irresistibly attractive, and draws attention from the audience; which is why we chose to use the word charisma to form the root of our brand name “CHARISMATICO”.