How Do You Wear A Feather Dress?

Posted by Charismatico on 28th Nov 2022

How Do You Wear A Feather Dress?

When it comes to embellishments in fashion, there is a growing trend toward adding plumage. No longer the preserve of carnival festivals or boudoir style, feathers have become a more mainstream trim added to both special occasions and everyday attire. Depending on how they are used, they can add a touch of sultriness or just a sense of fun. Here is our guide to feather dress style that you can use to make your outfit look more uniquely stylish and beautiful.

The feathered neckline

A feathered neckline has long proven a great way to add a touch of pizzazz to most evening gowns. This type of feather dress makes for a daring style statement that manages to remain elegant and sophisticated. You can match the feathers to the color of your dress or create contrast for a more dramatic effect ala Cruella de Vil. The feathered neckline can also work well with more casual clothing, allowing you to more flexibly transition it into partywear as you go out in the evening.

White feather dress

White feather dresses have a delicate and ethereal look that has made them popular for wedding and engagement celebrations. Whether it is just along the neckline, hemline, shoulders, or throughout the outfit, they impart a sense of understated elegance that is hard not to be impressed by. Now, this style is more widely used for other special events where the goal is simply to stand out from the crowd.

Black feather dress

Adding plumage is a great way to step up your game from the standard LBD. Black dresses are a great way to add a sense of allure and hide flaws. Adding feathers just makes for a more elegant and stylish result that is best complimented by simple makeup and jewelry. Fully feathered black mini dresses are quite the rage on runways and the party scene. However, you can still get a lovely result when feathers are added to even maxi and midi dresses. You can have them touch up the shoulders, sleeves, hemline, or entire skirt for the best results.

Pink feather dress

Pink is a versatile color that gives off different impressions based on the style of the dress, fabric choice, and tone of the color. Lighter shades give off a sweet feminine feel while darker tones have a bolder sensation. They are a great choice for special events. You can create a stunning

effect when your complement the feathers with some rich embroidery, glitter, or sequins that add a touch of sparkle to your overall look. Figure hugging or flowy, you are sure to be the center of attention with this style choice. Pair this with soft makeup in nude shades.

Add a jacket

Wearing a jacket over a feather dress is a great way to tone down your look before taking it off later to show off. Whether it is a denim or leather jacket, you can have it on during the day before taking it off at night when you hit the party scene. If you are more daring, consider a jacket that is of the same color as the dress and even embellished with a feathered neckline or sleeves. Feathered jackets can also be beautifully paired with casual pants and skirts.