A Guide to Integrating Sequins into Your Dance Costumes

Posted by Charismatico on 6th Oct 2021

A Guide to Integrating Sequins into Your Dance Costumes

Adding sequins to your fabrics will make your outfit stand out and provide the most fabulous glitter from afar. They are commonly disk-like in form, but they can also be found in other shapes and various colors. Furthermore, sequins may be used in a range of clothing, including belts, wraps, scarves, sequin gowns, and hair accessories. However, the focus of the article will be on how you can expressly incorporate them to dance costumes.

Asymmetrical tops

In sequin dancing costumes, asymmetrical tops are pretty popular. They are all about showcasing a bare shoulder and generating crisp lines. You can integrate sequins by creating a duo-color design. Specifically, you can create swirl lines across the fabric for a more added effect. Furthermore, you can match your asymmetrical tops with a wrap skirt for a flattering look.

Long sleeves

If the whole asymmetrical style does not go with your preference, you can opt for long sleeve tops. You can either make your fabric have a longer body length or cropped, depending on your performance. Moreover, you can also customize the neckline to match your comfort.

Ruched crop tops

These fabrics look best with skirts that fall from the waist to the hips. You can add sequins to them either by splashing multiple colors or sticking to one or two. You can also decide to cover the entire clothing or arrange the pieces to create designs, patterns, or figures. Specifically, some common shapes formed with sequins include circles, snowflakes, stars, polygons, flowers, and more.

Tunic top

The flexibility and usefulness of a tunic are its greatest assets. You may either cover the whole cloth in sequins or sew them in place such that they align with the fabric's edge or overhang. Additionally, they may be worn with a variety of outfits or as a dress on their own. If you plan to make the tunic's back length longer, you can add 3-inch long slits on the sides to allow for more movement when dancing.

Tunic tank

These tops are perfect for team performances so that all members can shine with bright colors. Moreover, you can opt for a more fitted style or loose fit. You can then further match them with leggings or a pair of shorts.

Plaid peplum top

Wear one of these tops to make a big impression on stage. This type of shirt will highlight your curves while also adding flair. Similarly, these fabrics are better worn with leggings and shorts too.

Bra tops

Sequin bra tops are another method to highlight your physique. These tops are incredibly comfortable, and you can simply wear them with a skirt or a pair of matching shorts. But if you want to take it a step further, add a cute mesh dress over it. Also, you can choose from having them as longline, caged, balconette, high-neck, full coverage, or even block style.

Victory tank top

Victory tanks are also one of the most versatile clothing items. These tees offer a lovely neckline and a great fit. In addition, this athletic and stylish tank is ideal for any dancing team to wear on the sidelines during a halftime show.

Pants, shorts, and skirts

If you really want to implement sequins into your costume, sew them into your lower garments. This will elevate your whole look and add more cohesiveness.

Here are the different dance clothes you can add some sequins to:

For pants:

  1. Bell-bottom pants or flare pants: This kind of design will transport you back to the 1970s and give your outfit a more distinctive appearance.
  2. Harem pants: This particular clothing article is very versatile, as they can either be used for belly dancing or in hip-hop performances.

For skirts:

  1. Hip scarf skirt: Another lower garment popular in belly dancing, hip scarf skits will shine more with sequins.
  2. Ballet Tutu Skirts: Composed of multiple layers, these articles of clothing were made to give dancers flexibility of mobility while also boosting the visual impact of their motions.
  3. Half-length skirts: This is another skirt that is easy to move in and gives off the sensation of lightness.
  4. Modern ballroom skirts: Finally, with different layers and designs, these long dance skirts are very classy and creative.


Sequins are typically stitched into delicate or sheer textiles to add support. Moreover, you ought to select a material that will match both your sequins and their pattern.

  1. Tulle: Ballet dancers and brides are frequently seen wearing this fabric as it lends a beautiful elegance to a variety of outfits. Sewing sequins on them will be perfect if you want to add some visual flair to your dance costume.
  2. Mesh: Similarly, mesh fabric is also a very breathable material that showcases closely woven textures. Furthermore, ladies frequently utilize this sort of clothing to modify their body forms.
  3. Organza: Organza is a flexible and beautiful material that may be used in a variety of ways. Just like the others, they also portray an ethereal look to your costume.
  4. Lace: One of the most common creative materials used in dance costumes is lace. Adding sequins into the mix will undoubtedly make the whole attire look more romantic.
  5. Chiffon: Chiffon is a light and airy fabric that is perfect for daytime or warm-weather weddings.


Why stop at clothing pieces when you can also add more sparkle to your dance accessories? There are no limitations when integrating sequins into your dance costumes. Furthermore, you can also have sequin flower elastics, headbands, and other hair accessories.