5 Powerful Tips on How to Dress for Any Occasion

6th Jan 2019

5 Powerful Tips on How to Dress for Any Occasion

Have you ever wondered why everyone in the movies and on TV looks so appropriately dressed for the part? Whether its an actor in a scene, a troupe dancing on stage, or even the anchor of the local news station, what they wear seems to perfectly fit not only their bodies but also the setting we see them in.

Of course, when it comes to show business, dedicated costume designers play an important role. But even without such experts to advise us, there's no reason why we shouldn't look good in our daily lives too. And while most of us will never get the chance to wear the flamboyant clothes of a Broadway star, we can still  learn to dress well. Here are 5 Powerful Tips on How to Dress for Any Occasion.

1. Check your fit

Poorly fitting clothes will make you appear ill-dressed even if you are fashionably or attractively turned out. Clothes that are skin tight not only look sleazy, but you’ll appear overweight too. Clothes that are too big will appear untidy. Remember that being able to get into the outfit doesn’t necessarily mean that it fits you properly.

Styling plays a major role when it comes to the perfect fit. A good example is the men’s urban style of clothing in America which is often very unstructured compared to more old-fashioned khakis.

Dresses provide be a huge challenge when it comes to finding the proper fit, considering that a lot of women wear a different size of top and bottom. You will know a dress fits properly if the neckline lies smoothly whether you’re standing or sitting. All the seams should lie flat too with no creasing around the hips and bust.

Keep in mind that the garment shouldn’t be tight. It should be fitted, if that’s the style, but still comfortable and allowing for free movement. If you find that you’ve lost or gained weight, you may need to try on your clothes and discard or adjust any that don’t fit anymore.

2. Focus on classic, rather than trendy styles

Always dress in styles that work with your body shape, rather than following trends slavishly. Wearing what you see in the latest fashion magazine doesn’t mean you’ll look good.

That said, it’s always good to experiment with the latest trends. Try them- you may be surprised at how some of them suit you.

Take note that fashion magazines focus more on how to “sell” you on certain brands and styles. They tend to do this more than inform you about what’s on trend at the time. Bear this in mind when reading them. It’s also worth noting that fashion can tend to be regional—what’s considered cool in Brazil may or may not be considered stylish in Taiwan.

3. Buy well-made, high-quality clothing

Well-made clothing will always fit you perfectly plus look more elegant compared to the cheaply-made styles. When purchasing a given item of clothing, remember to look out for stains or any loose stitches.

Well-made clothes are undoubtedly expensive, but consider shopping at vintage stores, thrift stores, and  on the online secondhand fashion sites for affordable quality clothing. Remember to always go for long-lasting fabrics such as leather, wool, silk, cotton, and linen. How does one tell if it’s a durable fabric? Simply by checking the item’s tag. This is where all that type of information is given. Steer clear of synthetic fabrics such as rayon or polyester, as well as deconstructed, ripped or worn items.

Always ensure that your clothing is clean, well ironed and in good repair.

4. Know the right dress code for the occasion

Dress codes can sometimes be confusing—a situation that can ruin the entire occasion especially when you get it all wrong. Trends keep changing but the more formal dress codes do tend to rely heavily on tradition and old-fashioned etiquette.

In case you aren’t sure about what to wear when stepping out for a more formal event, feel free to ask the host for some advice—it’s always good to be sure.

For now, consider the list below of  what to wear for occasions with any of the more common dress codes:

White tie

Women: Hair in an up-style with gloves and a floor-length gown.

Men: Black dress tail-coat with a white starched shirt, white bow tie and white vest.

Black tie

Women: Floor-length formal gown.

Men: White dress shirt, black bow tie, evening waistcoat or cummerbund.

Lounge Suit

Women: Formal gown.

Men: Suit worn with a shirt and tie.


Women: An evening pantsuit or an above-the-knee-hem would be appropriate.

Men: Dark suit, light shirt, tie and black shoes.

Smart Casual

Women: No defined rules, however, you’ve got to ensure some degree of polish such as jewelry or a blazer. Heels or flats are acceptable.

Men: Chinos, denim, or suit pants with a dressed-up T-shirt or shirt; no tie.

5. When in doubt, ask

If you're still struggling over what to wear ask a relative or a close friend. The people who know us best usually know which kind of clothing does or does not suit us. The idea is to feel good about yourself and to let the real you shine through, no matter what you wear.